Food Safety Culture

What is enlighten?

The enlighten 4C Food Safety Culture Model was developed specifically for the food industry and as part of a research project undertaken by totrain and Associate Professor Derek Watson of the University of Sunderland. The 4C model allows food companies to measure culture attitudes across production control, operational communication, team co-operation and staff competency.

Why use it?

The main reasons identified, as part of the research programme, why companies would want to use enlighten are:

    • The enlighten 4C Food Safety Culture Model was developed specifically for the food industry.
    • It allows companies to make significant progress towards meeting the BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety requirements for food safety culture.
    • The 4C Model has been developed as a web application that allows companies to evaluate their culture easily and quickly through the culture survey.
    • The online reporting function allows companies to identify their strengths and weaknesses as part of an ongoing continuous improvement plan.


    As well as measuring culture across the 4C’s, Control, Communication, Co-operation and Competency headings, it can also measure the culture across:

    • Roles and responsibilities e.g. managers, supervisors, operators, technical and QA.
    • Multiple sites
    • Where both English is the first language and English is not the first language.
    • Reports are available allowing companies to filter survey findings across the following 4C categories, roles and responsibilities, sites and language.
    • The company can undertake a programme of surveys and compare the previous results against the current surveys.
    • The company can compare individual site results against other site results.
    • The results are automatically statistically analysed to determine if there is any significant difference between compared results.

    • Watch the videos below to see Dr Derek Watson from the University of Sunderland explain in more detail.

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