We are not amused!

8th March 2017

If you are an avid follower of our recent activities, you’ll have noticed we are in the midst of a ‘blog fest’.alexander_fleming

At risk of boring all our readers/followers,  we are currently developing an on-line application, known as ‘enlighten’, that is aimed at mid-sized food manufacturers, enabling them to become audit ready.

A significant component of this product is the Culture module which enables manufacturers to assess their company’s attitude to food safety.

It’s all very exciting, hence our blogging.

My fellow directors, well one in particular, seems to think that a lighthearted, possibly amusing, blog may be the ticket to entice those readers who haven’t yet digested the gravity of our endeavours, and may be lured in by some humorous banter on the subject of Culture.

This is a tall order. A big ask. Produce something amusing on Culture! Not a hope!

You can imagine a conversation between Alexander Fleming and his wife after he discovered that penicillin was harboured in a culture that had developed in one of his mouldy cheese sandwiches:. .

‘’Are you going to publish a paper darling’’

‘’You bet your sweet bibies’’

‘’Are you going to make it amusing, my sweet prince because some of your stuff does border on the tedious?’’

‘’I don’t think so!!’’

Did this conversation take place between Tim Berners-Lee and Mrs Berners Lee after he invented the World Wide Web in 1989, which has changed the whole culture of world-wide communications?. .

‘’You’ll never guess what I invented today?”

‘’What’s that darling?”

‘’It’s a computer programme that. . . . ’’

‘’Oh no sweetheart, not another computer programme’’

‘’Listen darling, listen. This one doesn’t just get LED’s to twinkle’’


‘’It’s going to have a cultural impact on global communication!’’

‘’Its Yorkshire’ Puddings for tea darling’’

At this juncture did he decide ‘Sod it!’’ and bugger Yorkshire Puddings. I’m going to write something really catchy and amusing to entice even the most hardened user of pen and paper to adopt the interweb and become a cyber cadet?

I think not!

So, I’m not going to compose anything vaguely, cheery, hilarious, droll, comical, side-splitting about our exciting Culture module because its nigh on impossible.

So just have a look at our enlighten product and prepare yourself for an experience that goes far beyond amusing.